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Don’t dream too much! We will not offer you this beauty in the photo, but you will be happy with all the advantages be our member

At SuperFairings our rewards program is simple and painless, for every $100 you spend per order you get $5 back, to be credited to your next purchases. Being a member of the program also means that you will receive notification of special offers that may be exclusive to SuperFairings members. In short the benefits include:

1 - SuperFairings Cash Reward Tiers:

Spend $100.00 earn $5

Spend $200.00 earn $10

Spend $300.00 earn $15

Spend $400.00 earn $20

Spend $500.00 earn $25

Spend $1000.00 earn $50 

SuperFairings Cash can be used toward any items purchased using our website. Your account will be credited as soon as your order ships. Your current SuperFairings Cash balance will be send to your email and kept in our register.

SuperFairings cash is applied to your account once your order ships. If you end up returning an item you earned SuperFairings cash on, the appropriate amount will be deducted from your account.




2 – Special Offers

Being a Super Member gives you the chance to get the best offers online for motorcycle accessories and parts. Every month SuperFairings will present exclusive promotions, where only members can take part.



3 – News on time

Be part of SuperFairings community will allow you to get the latest information about racing products, offers, members activity, events and all what you need to be in the pole position.

Every year you will get in your registered address our catalogue and other member gifts.