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Specialized in motorcycle parts and accessories, SuperFairings is a brand registered by the company Dynamica Intl. Co, LTD. in Hong Kong, result of a partnership between Portuguese and Italian professionals, with a Chinese support working team.



We have two types of fairings: ABS plastic and Fiberglass

For the first ones we use high grade ABS plastic (2.7 to 3mm according with the different parts- same as OEM)

Our kits will not flex under stress or melting at normal temperature. All the holes are pre-drilled, and the fairings have heatshield technology and superior durability. The paint has 3 coats – premier paint (under coat to have good paint adhesion), plastic paint and vinyl label (the design choose by you) and varnish (to polish and give permanence to the previous paint and label). And we also paint the fairings on the inside.


Fiberglass is lighter than ABS plastic. That is why racers use it. It is hard to melt or get brittle. And last but not least, it’s repairable if you ever do take a spill or the bike gets knocked over. The thickness is 7 to 8mm, we use gel coat, a special coating that is sprayed into the moulds and cured. The fibreglass is then laid up on top of it. Once cured, the piece will pop out of the mould really smooth and clean. We do reinforcement by carbon fiber and kevlar on mounting area and all borders. The holes are not pre-drilled but are flagged and ready to work on. Not hard process to any moto rider.




Production: 90% of our ABS fairings are made by injection process: guarantee of 100% fitment and consistent plastic.


Paint: 3 to 4 coats of premier, 5 to 6 of plastic paint, quality vinyl decals, 3 to 4 layers of clear coat. All the fairings painted inside, UV protected, and we have a heat chamber and drying paint machines.


Environment: We provide proper working conditions, staff is required to use masks and gloves, work area and paint guns are cleaned every day, orders and parts are organized and pa


Package: Triple wall boxes with extra foam protections and all parts covered by white laminated EPE foam.


Communication: We are in China, but our team is mainly composed by expat from Portugal, Italy and Spain, that control the Chinese workers production directly in factory and know the international quality standards required by you. Annually we attend some motorcycle shows and exhibitions, and we keep regular communication with our customers.


Guarantee: If your fairings arrived broken, the paint is cracked or the fitment not good, you just need to send us some photos, and we will send you the new part by free. We also give 6 months guarantee for problems related with melting parts, or cracked paint (if it is a production issue and not a customer negligent use).


Custom paint: Our customers have the opportunity to design their own fairings, change logos, add names or photos, and change colours… we like creative people.


Payment: We accept payment in 2 times. When you order the fairing you should pay 30% for start production. After we finish it, we will send you photos of the final result. Then you confirm it, pay the 70%, and we send it. By this way we avoid any design problem, and unexpected frustration when you get the bodywork at home.

Payment methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Wire transfer
  3. Western Union

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